My oldest brother is going to be a Dad! I just can’t wait to see him hold his little babe and watch him be a father. It’s going to be neat for sure. Also – he and his wife (lets be honest here, she’s spearheading this venture) have Laura and I designing their nursery! We couldn’t be more thrilled since it’s our first nursery and nurseries are maybe one of the most fun spaces to do – the possibilities are endless and gives you the opportunity to get really playful. We’ve named this project, Client Sweet Dreams

When first talking about the direction of this space, the first overarching point was that it wasn’t to be cheesy. We totally understood. While nursery’s are fun and have the ability to go in many directions, cheesy was one we never, ever want to go down so immediately, we were all on the same page. Almost like non-baby items, for baby if that makes any sense to you – because it does for us. We also chose a mostly neutral colour way so that with most of the injections of colour could be in the accessories and the space would feel really airy and bright. I can’t wait to keep you posted on our progress with this one!