I’ve been a bad blogger recently! I hate it when that happens and I have no real excuse because I always feel like I have so much to share but alas, I’m here and happy to be. How was your weekend? Mine was grrrrreat. SUPER low-key but also checked off many things on my weekend list and it’s safe to say that my Spring Cleaning has commenced (and it feels so good). Moving right into the work week, Laura and I are working on a couple of exciting projects and it’s about time that we share some of it with you!

It’s one thing to get a client (it’s actually an awesome thing to get clients!) but it’s another thing to get a client that will listen to your vision and trust in your to execute it. We’re calling this client, Client Urban Treehouse. Why you ask? Well, once we have completed project pictures to sure you, you’ll understand but for now you’ll have to believe me when I say they have the beautiful view of treetops almost as if they were in a tree themselves. We’re using the trees and nature as a source of inspiration for their living and dining rooms and are pretty excited about it.