Happy New Year! We are kicking off the year with a new series called "Let's talk about...." In this series we will share some of the latest trends we are excited about and some of the best inspiration we have come across.

Much like Steven Tyler sang all those years ago "Pink is my new obsession", over at Elsie & Kel we have really taken to it, and hope one of our clients this year is brave enough to let it bare their walls!! 

Through the years pink has become synonymous with nursery decor and overly feminine spaces, but we are here to set the record straight. Pink is no longer just for the kiddos, it has the ability to transform a space to feel both sophisticated and fun, a very hard act to balance. 

If done well it should act as a neutral backdrop. That is one of the most important things to remember if you are trying to execute a statement colour in your space. You never want the wall colour to compete with the rest of the furnishings etc., it should flow seamlessly. Although we truly love every shade, we encourage selecting a more subtle hue that won't clash with the rest of the palette For example:

1. Farrow and Ball #278. This shade has a lot of warmth behind it, and would look beautiful paired with wood, metals, and all other materials. You can use this in a traditional or modern space, it will definitely make a statement. There is a coral undertone when compared to the others below, it feels fresh and current.

2. Farrow and Ball #245 there is a really beautiful softness to this. It would be really lovely in a nursery, however this colour would work well in a living room. We would like to see it used juxtaposed to edgier design, otherwise it could fall flat and end up feeling a little too "precious" 

3. Benjamin Moore Bubble Bath #1326 some may fear how "pink" this is, but we feel like why not! Most recently Emma Stone's bedroom in Lala Land featured a deep pink like this. Paired with cerulean blue, it is super on trend right now.

4. Benjamin Moore Misted Rose #1339 has a bluer undertone. It is a sophisticated approach to the fun hue, and while being the more feminine of the bunch has a very traditional feeling. We would love to see this in a bathroom, or library. It could also be stunning in a bedroom accompanied by modern florals.

Of course the list could go on and on, these were our current favourites. 

Here are some of the most fab pink spaces we couldn't stop thinking about.

Sketch London

Traditional pink room

Paint your mantle pink

Paint your mantle pink

Salmon pink, paired with pink furnishings


Layered pink


Blush Pink

Pink Bathroom

Pink Everywhere

Pink Floor

Pink on Pink

Details all in Pink