Historically a fireplace was a necessity in a home. Families gathered to warm themselves as the fire crackled into the night, when the scent of dried cedar branches wafted through the home. Today mantles serve as decorative focal points in a space. Styles range from streamline to ornate, brick, moulded wood and marble.... We love them all.

Whenever we enter a new space and spot a mantle we know it is going to be a great opportunity to create an impact. Typically located centrally, it is a great jump off point for the rest of the space. The direction of the fireplace styling usually dictates the pace of the design. 

Depending on the aesthetic you would like to inspire throughout the space you may dress a mantle up or down. Contrasting a traditional design with a modern mirror or modern art may transform a classic space into something more unexpected.

We are experiencing an exciting time in design where all the rules we have come to know have been thrown. Eclectic design is making a comeback, and people are excited to pair old and new again. Traditional is evolving into something more polished and relatable, while modern is warming, and start spaces are injected with more thoughtfulness and character than we have seen in the past. 

Here are some inspirational spaces that are doing it right, layered or stripped down- we are all in.... To view more scroll below or check out our Pinterest page here.

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